Sandie neutralizing

Hi Ladies!
My brain won’t do her thing i guess…im starting kit Sandie, but i cant seem to figure out if she needs neutralizing…the vinyl seems a bit off, and in need of something…but i cant diagnose her color…is it grey, pink…?
This will be my first try with air dry (UF), stitching feom genesis… excited!

Have you tried putting a color circle next to it?

Yes multiple times :rofl:, but cant figure out what color she is…

If it is that dead color, kinda grayish then I find a thinned salmon wash helps to bring that to life.


I didn’t neutralize my Sandie at all, just washed and started painting. I use Liquitex.


When I have a problem like that I take the baby outside is full sun to see a different light.
Cute @jeanhai

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Thank you @AnnieSokay

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Aww, so cute! :heart_eyes:

Thank you Yelena. I really love this little girl. It’s going to be hard to let her go.