Sam wip 2

ok, here are some adjustments. :smiley:

getting closer?


Looks great!

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Yes! :slight_smile:

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Oh for the love of God! THANK YOU GUYS!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::baby:t2::baby:t2::baby:t2::baby:t2::baby:t2::baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle:


Question… When I get all my colors right… What should I use as a final wash?

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I like Earth Mint as a final wash. It kinda’ tones the colors and brings them together.

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Heck yeah!!! Yay!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Great job. I think you nailed it & more. Is it okay to say I prefer yours? Yours has a bit more detail than the other. I usually finish with a burnt umber. I don’t use Earth Mint at all. Lol but after my final wash I deal with Heat Set Matte Varnish.

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Wow, you did a good job matching the skin tones. Can’t wait to see the final product.

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Thank you guys so much!!! :heart_eyes: won’t a burnt umber wash make him dark?

I went and bought a new thermometer, I still can’t find anything. THANK god, this oven is running 25 degrees HOT’

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Not much. Burnt Umber is supposed to be used as a warming wash. That’s how I use it not as a flesh tone. I noticed that it’s a bit thinner than flesh colors if that makes sense. I’m not taking about the consistency like is it runny or not. I mean like the composition.

My oven heats about 15 degrees warmer than what it is set on.

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Question- since his skin tones are so cool… Am I supposed to warm him up? I was thinking earth mint , like Amy said… Because it keeps him cool. Am I wrong? Does he look dead without a little warmth? This is where I’m lost. :grin:

He doesn’t look dead it would be your choice u can always warm or cool wash if needed

I like to add a touch of the BB lip, nail, and blush color to the Burnt Umber for a final wash.

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Lol I wish I could try both and see what I like more😁

It depends on your personal preference. I prefer babies with more golden tones. So I lean more towards the darker washes. I do use a color that is similar to Earth Mint on all my babies regardless. I mainly use it as a color to neutralize or when my tones get to yellow.

You don’t have to warm her up if you don’t want to. Your baby doesn’t really need warming. But most babies aren’t pale. Some prefer pale some don’t.

You can always use the mint wash if your baby happens to get orange or yellow after the burnt umber. I usually don’t have to.

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I do wAnt her light and pinky. But, I think a light wash would bring a more life like tone. Hmmm! I am torn! I just don’t know what I should do!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::weary::weary::weary:

If you had burnt sienna, it would do the trick. Maybe you can mix a color close to it. So burnt sienna is like a rust color.

I have a picture but it may be a little different on your screen. I also have a my mint color.

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A thin translucent burnt umber wash will only warm your tones up a bit. Start out with a dab of burnt umber and thin it with thinner. Take a brush on a paper towel to see if it is light, but has a tinge of color. Then you can add a dab of burnt umber until you reach a thin wash that won’t darken it, but warm it.