Salt Lake County issued a “Stay At Home” order

Sunday morning (3/29/20), Salt Lake County issued a “Stay At Home” order. That is the county Bountiful Baby is in. The order can be downloaded here:

The Salt Lake County Stay At Home Order exempts “Essential Businesses” from the order. In addition to a list of such businesses provided in the order, it additionally exempts any business or worker identified in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHL) critical infrastructure guidelines as “Essential Businesses”. Guidance on such DHL-designated businesses can be found at:

The DHL guidance specifically exempts “workers supporting ecommerce through distribution, warehouse, call center facilities, and other essential operational support functions”.

Additionally, the Salt Lake County order specifically exempts “workers supporting manufacturers, technicians, logistics and warehouse operators”.

Also specifically exempted in the Salt Lake County order are “Businesses that sell, manufacture, or supply products needed for people to work from home”.

I think Bountiful Baby meets several of these checkboxs, and it only needs to meet one of them to be exempted.

Never-the-less, more than a week ago I issued a directive to all employees that they can choose what days they wish to come to work (if any), and can also choose their work hours, but for those individuals who choose to come in to work, they need to maintain a social distancing limit of 6 feet with other workers.

What this all means is that at Bountiful Baby, nothing has changed. We are still shipping orders. But due to very low staffing, there might be a shipping delay. Please continue to be patient.

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Wishing all great safety

Thank you for the update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: glad you are able to keep people working. Stay healthy and safe.

Appreciate everything you have done and are doing

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Thank you for all you do and keeping us informed on changes

Stay safe BB staff

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Thank you for updating us. Stay safe and healthy.

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Keep safe and thank you for doing your best.