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I only charge 70 if I’m shipping over seas. Not more than 40 if in the USA.


I didn’t do next day, when I sent my Maddie off, shipping was $68 priority. The new Saskia is unweighted and comes with no extras so the package would be a lot lighter. I have shipped kits off before with priority before the pandemic and the cost was only like $20. I could lower it I guess, I would just have to pay some of it too which is fine…

Saskia is way smaller than Maddie. You can prob fit her in a large flat rate for less than 20 bucks… if she comes with nothing. You don’t do any type of box opening?


With my Saskia “Evie” she does come with a box opening. “Raven” does not however I was planning on using boxes I have at home.

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Flat rate boxes are free to use, then cost about $20. to send, no matter how heavy. Quite a bit can be packed around a newborn size doll.


I usually use a long 20 inch long box so that my dolls can lay flat. I pack the extras all around them… I try and do a very nice box opening and my customers love it. I can do all of this for 30-40 dollars for a 10-12 pound odd shaped box. ( newborn sized doll or up to a 23 inch baby)
If a customer is worried about shipping costs, I can make it work in a large flat rate box.( for a newborn, size) . if the customer doesn’t mind the baby curled . I can still pack that box full of all the extras for a nice box opening for under 20 dollars. The only difference is the preservation of the baby.
70 is just a very high price to ship a saskia. Maybe take a look at your figures, and adjust the price.:wink: