Sage asleep body?

I haven’t bought any of the sage’s but I want to buy the sleeping sage that’s on sale right now. Has anybody painted a sage? What body did you use? I was wondering how she would look on a bigger body since she looks like she would be like big Joe and she wears around the same size. :slight_smile:

Which Sage are you asking about? I did a newborn Sage, the recommended body was 18", but I used a 20" body. The recommended looked way too small. I haven’t painted grumpy Sage yet, but will be using a 30" body. The 23" recommended body looks way too small to me. I’ve done several 3 month Joseph’s and a couple 7 month June’s and used 30" bodies for all of them. I think you’re absolutely right, Sage is pretty chubby and doesn’t look proportionate on the reminded short bodies.