Rude People?

How do you reply to people who say rude things such as: “She makes dead babies.” or “Those are weird/creepy.”

I pretty much ignore them, but sometimes it gets frustrating. The other day at work, someone asked me about one of my dolls she saw on FB & couldn’t believe that I made it. (It was my 1st AA baby, which really caught her interest.) A co-worker nearby butted in & said, “They’re dead baby look alikes.” I just said that I would message her outside of work & then I clocked out for the day. These babies are time consuming and a lot of work. I’m very proud of them!

There is nothing creepy about them. I came across this video about reborns and it explains it all.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul … ity-babies

Tell them thank you, - I must be doing my work right.

Rude people are everywhere - I’ve even asked them if they think Barbie was odd, or Raggedy Ann & Andy - after all who has yarn hair?

I’ve asked these same people what they think of statutes – those aren’t alive either & are very often perfect replicas of the human body and face – this is an art form in a completely different medium, but none the less, an artform. In my own opinion, the artist is the sculptor & their work is brought to completion by the reborn artists.

And your AA baby is beautiful.

I’ve yet to get the dead baby remark, but I’ve had people tell me my babies are so real they’re creepy. I smile and say “THANK YOU!” Rude people are everywhere and some people are rude AND stupid. Your babies are beautiful. Or wait…CREEPY (wink)



Awwwwwww, Sandy ---- we kind of expect a few odd comments from the outside world, people who maybe don’t realize what they’re looking at when they see a reborn for the first time, but NOT from a fellow reborner! Sounds like she was jealous of your work and lashed out because she realized your babies were so much better than hers. You took the high road, and that’s saying a lot.


— Begin quote from “sandys sweethearts”

I was a seller at a doll show back in the spring and I had a fellow reborn artist approach my table and say " This baby looks dead!".

— End quote

You have to have tough skin to do those doll shows! That other reborner was trying to ruin your confidence and scare you away from her territory. I did some doll shows last summer, and a competitor “planted” 2 women in front of my booth who insulted my dolls the whole show. Well I held my own and sold 9 dolls, where as the other lady sold ZERO and stormed out of the ball room,

If someone tells me my dolls look creepy; I thank them and tell them that means I make them correctly.

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— Begin quote from “sandys sweethearts”

I think your right. I over heard her say that was her 6th yr in that spot. That was my first…

— End quote

Some people do not play fair. Keep our chin up. I would take her comments as a compliment, you’re talented enough to make her threatened by you.