RubyRed Galleria Mohair doesn't stick all the way flat to the doll's hair?

Is it true that ruby red mohair doesn’t lay all the way flat to the reborn doll’s head? I herd some people say that a few times in the pass.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, it doesn’t matter how nicely you root it, it’s dry and doesn’t lay nicely. I wouldn’t bother with it

Could Eucalan help or a good baby conditioner?

I tried conditioner, it doesn’t help any. Nice mohair doesn’t really even cost that much more. Ruby red is not worth it hen you consider all the time you have to put into rooting, just to end up with a bad result.

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Thanks for your review and help. I’ll get the better brands. It’s not worth it if a better brand is only a little bit more.

Exactly. I get my mohair from @Rainbowbabies and it’s a way better price and quality.