Round Robin Participants

Here is a list of the participants that I have so far.

Neises Nursery
Diana EV
Debora Jenkins

Yeah! Looking forward to it!

— Begin quote from “djjessie228”

Yeah! Looking forward to it!

— End quote

Oh my goodness is your siggy baby a reborn or real baby?

— Begin quote from “robincarrol”

Kim I wanted to join in on the fun but never got the “ok” from anyone. I have been a reborner for over seven years and a full time member of Doll fan with over 4 thousand posts. I used to be a steady member of Bountiful baby but got lost when the link changed. So it looks like I just joined for the first time with only twenty something posts.

Can you decide if everyone feels comfortable with me participating and let me know?

— End quote

There is no minimum requirement to participate in the Round Robin… just for the baby pageant and possibly the baby swaps. You just need to sign up for the RR and enjoy!

Carmen beat me to it. Thanks, Carmen.

I’m so excited!!! ))

Bumping up in case I missed anyone or someone else wants to join in.

Diana and Robin, I received you list. Andrea, the 31st is the last day to sign up. Hope you join in.

Got it, Thank you.

Here’s the updated list as of today. If you sent info and you are not listed, please let me know. It’s alot of cut-n-paste and I may have missed someone.

I can’t see the list! What am I missing?

Sorry—forgot to say that! The list is in the first post.

Hi, I do not see my name and I pm’d the q and a’s a few days ago. It was sent Sunday. Please let me know if I should resend it. Thanks!

Shannon, all taken care of. Sorry about that.

yes i want to know what this is too!!!

Everyone should have their person’s information. Check your messages. If not, please let me know right away. Here’s crossing my fingers that I got it all right.

me too! soooo excited!