Round Robin Christmas Swap

I was wondering when is everyone in the Round Robin swap going to ship their RR package? I am ready, I just need to finish wrapping and package it.

saturday or monday

I mailed mine. People can mail any time. I realize that people are getting busyt his time of year. Guess it’s better to be ahead of schedule than behind.

Sounds good to go ahead and get it mailed out. I’ll be mailing mine out most likely on Monday.

Sounds like there will be some fun pics next week. (If people decide to open them)

I sure will. Hopefully there will be no problems for people.

I had planned to ship today but I keep forgetting our post office is closed on weekends so it will go out Mon and I am so excited to see if everything is loved !!!This was way fun and I will be doing it again !!! Thanks so much Kimomax for setting this up !!!

You are very welcome. It is fun to organize. My mom draws names for me when I match up people. Hopefully people will want to do it in February.

Sign me up !!!LOL

Mailing my on Monday.

Mailed mine today.

My husband mailed my Round Robin just a little bit ago. My person should have thiers by about Friday the post master said.

Mine went out today (with insurance and DC )so I know it will get there !!!