Rossin by Jamie Lynn Powers

Rossin preorders open today!

OMG have you seen Sarah Mellman’s cute Grinchy version??? :heart:
Absolute adorable!


Wow, that’s so cute!

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Omg so adorable! I love everything Grinch❤️


This is so amazing she is beautiful and really shows what a fantastic artist Sarah is!



I have to wonder if they will get in trouble for using the Grinch.

Isn’t that trademarked?

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So I am still confused on what is legal and what is not :expressionless:

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I would imagine the Grinch is copyrighted. But if no one fights it. It won’t matter. I suppose.

Wasn’t the grich kit by Jade Warner taken down because of copyright?

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I heard something about that.

I always wonder about that. I know on Etsy, you wouldn’t be able to list this for sale. Even though it’s handmade, the Grinch is copyrighted/trademarked.

I was wondering the same thing about all those baby Yodas for sale last year.

Yeah, people do it, but what if you get caught?

(“You” meaning anyone that does it. )

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Oh I love Rossin. He is one that is on my wish list.