Rose show..Toutlaw

Well I’m trying to come to the Rose show.And I will have the Toutlaw shirt on so yall can recognize me…lol…Just gathering information. DO YALL BRING DOLLS W to the show


Yes, I have never been but from what I have seen everyone takes a baby.


Yes we have all brought a baby and a stroller if possible or rent a stroller when you get there if they still have some.


We will absolutely recognize you in that shirt!! Yes, definitely come and bring a baby, everyone brings one!! I rented a stroller for $15 for the entire show time, it helped a lot, those babies get really heavy, you don’t want to carry them around if you can help it. A lot of people bring their own strollers and that’s awesome if you are driving but if the airlines realizes you DON’T have an actual child they will charge you for taking the stroller on the plane. Some ladies have managed to get a stroller on the plane before they realized but I wouldn’t chance it unless you’re willing to pay.

By all means bring a baby or two! Great fun!!

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