ROSE Show, 2016 and 2017!

Hi Everyone!

The ROSE show is now winding down— it’s been quite a whirlwind! Just a few last remaining details for us folks here at Bountiful Baby. I know quite a few folks (including a lot of the Bountiful Baby staff) took pictures, and also video— hopefully between all of us, there will be quite a few more pictures and video of the show soon online for all to see.

I want to publicly thank all who supported the ROSE show. You have helped make it the best ROSE show yet. We have already planned a lot of things for next year’s show, and I personally think next year’s show will be an even more exciting event! Our involvement in the ROSE show was greater this year than last year, and our involvement will be even greater next year. For example, next year we plan to have a number of new products that will be unveiled at the show— similar to how Apple does with their shows— and some of those products are planned to be available to show attendees well in advance of general availability on our website.

Next year’s ROSE show will probably be somewhere in the Utah Wasatch Front area, just like this year. It might even be in the exact same location as this year. But, places like Las Vegas are not out of the question— the decision has not yet been made. I personally would like to see it even closer to Bountiful Baby than it was this year, because if it is, I would like to do tours of our facility as a part of the show.

I took down the ROSE announcement off of our home page (for the obvious reason that the show is now over) and replaced it with a “Deep Discount Kits Sale” of a dozen different kits, all at 50% off. This includes our ever-popular Shyann (our 2nd most popular kit for 2016), and Realborn Sleeping Kimberly (our 3rd most popular kit for 2016). Our most popular kit for 2016 is currently out of stock, so that means our top two most popular “in-stock” kits are on sale right now! However, please keep in mind that Monday is a Utah State Holiday (“Pioneer Day”). A very large number of businesses are closed that day, including Bountiful Baby, so your order will not ship until Tuesday.

Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make ROSE a success, including ALL of the attendees that came and shared the ROSE experience!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thanks for the information! I loved seeing all of the pictures from everyone and hope to be able to come next year. I think tours are a wonderful idea! Enjoy your holiday!

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Thanks Nevin :smiley: Hope to join in the fun next year :smiley:!!!

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Thank you so much for all you did to make this event so successful and such a joy for us!

Oh, and I’m casting my vote against Los Vegas right now. That place is out of my comfort zone! I loved where we were this year. Access was so easy and there weren’t a lot of competing events at the hotel and convention center.


I’m with @honojane. Not so fond of a Vegas doll show…

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It was perfect this year! Most venders I talked to loved the location and how easy it was to get around within walking distance of food and stores, would of liked to see more sculptors and venders, hotel staffs were wonderful, transportation was made easy, amazing job from all!


I would be happy with a ROSE in Texas also even though I do not live there anymore it would give me a bigger excuse to go back and visit lol.

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I loved the show this year and look forward to next year’s show! The location was great!

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