ROSE pictures

Has anyone seen all the pictures taken at the ROSE doll and teddy bear show? There on Facebook there is 172 pictures. Anyway up in the 160 area there was 1 picture of doll clothes I would like to know who it was I didn’t see a name on the display. If anyone knows who it was I would really appriciate it if you would share.
Thanks for looking
Pat( Taz )

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Unfortunately, I cannot be of help. Just wanted to say I wish I could have attended this year. They’re so far away from me. I’m planning on going for 2016 no matter what, though! Hope someone can help you identify that clothing!

Can you tell me what exactly the show pictures are listed as? Someone just had a post that said BB previewed a GIRL Realborn and there were other girl realborns in the background as well. Do you know what that is listed under anyone???