ROSE contest entries

How does this work? It says check in your contest entries on July 10th (by appointment) and July 11th noon-5:00 (open registration) but it also says all entries must be submitted before June18th. I’m confused.


The June date is pre register. The July days are when you arrive and check your entry in with the staff members and get pics taken and you set up your entry on the table in the judging area.

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How do you pre-register? When you pay the entry fee?

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Having Pre registering done by a certain day is new this year because there were more entries than anticipated last year and they ran out of space to set them up. This way they will know how many should be there and arrange it accordingly.
I am not exactly certain where/how you do it. I have not looked into it yet. @AnnDee66 should be able to help you though

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Okay, thanks.