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Since we have a heads up on some info for ROSE next year I see that the show is only Friday and Saturday, This makes me wonder how long everyone is planning on staying? I’m thinking about flying in on Thursday and leaving later on Saturday has anyone else thought about how long they will be there? The weekend days are also double the cost for flights but if you stay longer you pay for the hotel so whats the difference right? Anyway was just wondering what you all were thinking, I did notice the cost of the Baby Shower tickets went from $25 in 2015 to $40 for 2016 show. What dya think???

@lynn I plan on going the entire time. There are classes offered on the days prior to the show dates. I think the baby shower price went up because of the buffet dinner. This past show we had pizza. The baby shower is loads of fun and not to be missed!!


I would love to take a painted hair class if they had a really good teacher but I don’t know if I can afford it, Not only do you have the price of class but xtra days at the hotel etc, Social Security doesn’t go far when you have a home to keep, But I am definitely going to make the show. I just wondered why the show was only 2 days instead of 3, was there not enough people who attended the 2015 show to have it for 3 days this time? I am hoping to get a room at the hotel right where the show is. @angel posted a couple of links for the Express Shuttle from the airport but I couldn’t get them o work. How far is the airport to where the show is does anyone know?

From what I understand it’s north of the airport about 20 something miles. I’m glad the show itself is only 2 days. After a while you’ve seen it all and ready to move on. Where will you be coming from?

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It’s about 25 to 30 miles from airport to Layton, I’m sure the hotels in are will have shuttles to and from air port I will check the Hilton and surrounding hotels that are in walking distance from the convention center

I was planning to at least be there for every day of the actual ROSE show. Not totally set on anything, though! :blush: it’s so early in the game that I’m mostly just worried about saving up money for it all. I do know for sure that I want to make great memories with some wonderful people, though!

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It will be a blast! We had a great time this year even with all the hotel problems you’ve got to come!

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Thank You, can you tell me if it’s cheaper to rent a car or take a shuttle? Why didn’t they have the show in SLC where it would have been closer to an airport since so many people have to fly in to attend. Just wondering. Oh btw I would be coming from San Diego, CA.

Thank You Angel I appreciate all your help, Any information is very much appreciated. I’m a little leary of it being so far from the airport, I’ve never traveled by myself and I’m kinda old and am not looking forward to it. It’s scary for me.

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I don’t want anyone to worry about getting from the airport to the ROSE show. Bountiful Baby is looking at options to assist. We probably won’t announce anything for a few months-- just so that we can be sure of what we are doing and offering. But I don’t want anyone to worry about that. We plan on helping.

Nevin Pratt
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Ohhhhhhh…a limo??? Just kidding! Thanks BB

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I plan on going for the whole time too. Are you guys going to try and grab spots at the Hilton? If so, will you post when the reservations open in case some of us miss it?? They say the rooms get grabbed right away. If you aren’t going to stay there, where are you going to stay? We’ll have a car so I guess anywhere would be okay. I just don’t want to miss anything due to poor planning. I haven’t gone anywhere since we adopted our son from Kazakhstan, and he’s 15 now, so I want to get the most out of this trip. It’s probably the only time I’ll get to go.

Oh, we’ll have a car with us, hopefully our mini-van, and maybe we can play shuttle for some of you once in a while. We’ll see how things go.

WOW, Thank You BB for thinking of us (your loyal customers), LOL. Everything is appreciated and would be most helpful and appreciated !!!

WOW! That’s awesome!! :grinning:

Okay…I’m going to post this on both Rose threads so everyone has a chance. @AmyR777 and I @Blissfulbabies have booked a room together. We both agreed that it’s okay if 1 or 2 more ladies want to bunk with us and split the costs we are fine with it. We have reservations from the 19th - 25th in the Hilton Garden Inn. 2 queens (no offense anyone) :wink:

PM me if you are interested!

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