Rosalie Complete - opinions please - pic heavy

Just finished Rosalie. Please provide any feedback (good or bad) as well as pricing suggestion. Not sure what’s going on above her lip :tired_face: I didn’t notice that before varnishing, it looks like paint not blended or something. Also added a baby scratch behind the knee (to fix a separate issue during painting)

Thank you!!


I don’t see lips issue and I like her lips color, but since you ask for opinions this is what I noticed: her palm looks unnaturally orange on my screen and I don’t see much finger’s separation, so looks like all her fingers fused together.
She is very lovely!


Thank you!! I struggle with hands and feet, I can’t get the color as deep it always turn out so flat. I guess I need to do extra layers on them.

Here is the lip issue

I like her lip color too. The issue above the lip isn’t too bad. She will sell anyway if priced correctly. What do you normally price at?

As far as the hands go, they do take multiple layers. The doll I’m working on now has about 4 layers on her hands/fingers and I’m not even done yet. It’s good though. Not only do you end up with the color you want, it adds depth.

Between the fingers or toes that need separation, I crease as normal then go back through with a darker color to separate.


Do hands and feet take additional layers than the rest of the body?

I usually sell BB kits for $300-$350 and do pretty well; Non BB kits a bit more. What would you suggest for Rosalie? I don’t want to go to high but also don’t want to undersell.

On my dolls, hands and feet get quite a few layers, but they aren’t always the same ones I put on the rest of the body. Here is an example of two that I just finished.

If you are getting more for non BB kits and doing well, price as you normally do, but you might have to deduct a few $$ off for her lip… Exact pricing is hard for me. A lot depends on the doll, but also you, your marketing, and where you sell. Hopefully someone will come along and give you a better answer to help you nail down a price.


On my dolls hands and feet get extra layers.


She is so cute great job

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Love her! Rosalie is still one of my favorite closed eye kits. She is a beautiful sculpt - to me.


Agreed. She is precious!