Rosalee’s ginormous head

My Rosalee Faber came this week and I just opened her box. Oh my geeze her head is ginormous! I hope it fits in my oven.


She is cute! I love her face.


Super cute! :grin: I’ve never seen this sculpt before. How adorable!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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She’s so cute but wow I had no idea she was that big!

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She is 26 inches but I was just surprised at the size of her head. Her limbs are proportionately sized but they didn’t shock me when I saw them😄 Her prototype pictures are really cute. I have always been drawn to Faber sculpts.

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Wow her head is big! Is she as chunky as June. I love rosalee but after June I’m tired of big kits even though I swear that’s all I make.

I love the Faber sculpts too. I have Tommy and have been looking for Vivienne.

@dinokc, I’ve not seen June in person but I don’t think Rosalee is that big.

I love Viviene too.

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