Rooting silicone vs Vinyl

I know most of you here are reformers, but if anyone roots silicone, what are the differences between rooting it and vinyl (besides not being able to seal and more hair loss). Does it leave obvious holes if a hair gets pulled out like vinyl? Is it much harder to root? It’d be an eco flex 20 doll by the way. Thanks for your answers :heart:

I haven’t rooted silicone yet though I’ve got a tiny coming next week, but I have worked with silicone in other ways, silicone holes from rooting will close themselves up typically and stick to each other, as unmatted silicone is fairly sticky. I have seen many artists root with Saran Wrap covering the silicone to protect it and from my understanding it’s to help prevent tearing in the silicone while you root.

I’ve got a cutie coming from KimbryDolls. I’m excited as I’ve wanted to see her work for a long time. I considered letting her paint the hair, but I think it would be really cute rooted

That’s so exciting! I prefer rooted hair on sili’s, painted hair never seems why as real

This is old but I’m irritated and can now tell some differences rooting silicone vs vinyl.

The biggest difference is angle. I root silocone at a smaller degree that vinyl requires. I found that is doesn’t matter the depth towards the middle of the head. What matters is that the needle goes as far as you can get it in there. My needle lays on the head all the way to where it starts getting fatter. If I lift it up anymore than that, the hair doesn’t lay flat. I use a toothbrush every bunch of hair to pull out any that ended up not rooted well. I put a pretty good amount of pressure in the brush. The silicone does not leave holes behind like vinyl. I rooted one head 5 times and no visible holes left behind. I micro rooted 4 of those times and hair plugs the first time. It originally had the 20 hairs to a hole that Ashton Drake puts in them too. Those holes somewhat became visible because I wasn’t careful removing the hair and tore chunks out of the head.

Silicone is MUCH easier to root overall. Either that or because I rooted silicone first, I just think it is.

Thank you for your answer!!

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