Rooting Pillow?

Has anyone tried [this rooting pillow]
(Tools: Rooting Pillow)
I like this style of rooting pillow and was wondering if this kind was any good?

I haven’t used it personally, but it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

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I’ve never tried a rooting pillow. I just do it on my lap.

I am using a neck brace from rite aid with a towel over it, it’s strangely fantastic and adjustable for different size dolls, it also fits in a bowl. Strange but true.


I jut put an ordinary pillow on my lap. $39, plus I assume. postage is lot of money for something like that. One of those neck supports you can get for long distance travel would work, or hand towel made into a doughnut.
something like this, just do not stick needle in it.


I have also seen some filled with polystyrene beads - like in bean bags,

I have a rooting pillow that I bought from dolls by Sandie but I find the head slides around on it and makes a mess of the rooting. I have started using a towel in a plastic mixing bowl and that worked quite well. I like the idea of a neck collar in a bowl, I can imagine that works well.

I just made mine out of a long fluffy socks and stuffed all those lonely one socks that lost their mates, who knows where, inside and I tuck the end around the toe. This way I can make it as big or small as I want it.


I roll up a towel or use a neck pillow. I usually squeeze the pillow between my thighs. :joy:

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Hum, similar in design to Melissa’s rooting pillow seen here:

When I first started everybody as suggesting to use satin to sit the head on, but that made it slipping all over the place. I bought some little bamboo white wash cloth and put them over whatever else I might be using to sit the head on; they are so soft but not slippery; the head sits nicely. I also use them to sit the parts on when I take them out of oven

I use a boppy pillow wrapped around my waste lol. or you know the door jam things to block out cold air in the winter the work great too or a neck brace. Then I drape a blanket/towel over it. These would work depending on how you root. If you work at a table then yes would work. I sit in a recliner to root

I use a similar one I made myself and I use it all the time.

I use a towel in a bowl also. Works for me!!

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Dollar store had neck travel pillows with the smooth stretch fabric and beads for 2$ I think it was. Took that and used a strong clip to close the open end. Voila! Inexpensive rooting pillow that you can stick a needle in. By the way, they are horrible for travel. Not enough support. But great for rooting.


Dolls by Sandie has some cool looking ones also Rooting Pillow - Handmade - The Best Product for Rooting Doll Heads
I’ve been thinking of ordering one from there.

Have you tried the rice sock yet? If yes what did you think?

Not yet, I’m not currently rooting anyone but when i do I will try everyone’s method and tell you what i think :smile: