Rooting pictures

Hello I am just still beginning down the road of reborning and was wondering if I could get people to post their favorite rooting pictures… Maybe a style you like or a certain color I would really just love to see what people actually like !!!Thanks…And dont worry I will not be stealing anyones ideas I have a long long road before I am a masterful rooter

I always look on e-bay for heads of hair I really like -you can try that

Before I started reborning AGES ago there were no tutorials and websites and only one or two forums to learn from. We learned from watching what other artists were selling on ebay and what the suppliers were selling and being very brave and taking chances. The few tutorials available back then had us painting the inside of our dolls with acrylic paint. BAD IDEA!!! anyway I spent hours and hours and hours etc etc looking at the few available dolls (Berenguers) and all of the dfferent ways reborners were finding to make them their own.

I agree with Cher. Do your research and spend time looking at the top sellers on ebay. Hair color really is a personal choice. I prefer certain colors and I absolutely prefer hair over paint but if your baby is well done and looks ‘real’ there will be a buyer for it eventually.