Rooting needles for human hair

Hi, I was just wondering what rooting needles are the best for rooting human hair? I have a Liam by Bonnie Brown that I want to root but am not sure what to use. Thanks for any help.

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What sizes do you have on hand? I would try and use the smallest size I could but that had big enough prongs to grab the hair. Maybe 40-42?

I used a42 and she cameimage out Great

I don’t have any right now. Are the ones that bountiful baby sale any good?

She is adorable!

Depends on how you are going to use them. i have a felting tool I use with the uncut needles so it’s less painful on my hands. Bountiful baby also sells a rooting tool that holds cut needles.

A lot of the artists here swear by the ones at macphearsons that have plastic coating on them for better grip.

They also have a sample pack with different prong settings

You can’t use the rubber dipped ones in a holder tool unless you make one yourself with clay. There’s someone here who has a trick for that but after breaking five needles in literally half an hour I couldn’t deal with that

I buy mine from bountiful baby in bulk cause they do break a lot :wink:

Thank you

Thank you I will go check them out. :slight_smile: