Rooting lashes with human hair?

Can I root lashes with human hair or is it better to use mohair? I was gonna use any left over hair from rooting my toddlers head for lashes but I’m already not the best at rooting open eyed lashes so I was wondering if it would be okay to do that or if I should use mohair. I have some ruby red mohair that is a few shades darker than the hair that I can use. Sorry if that is confusing lol. Thanks in advance!

I’d say that unless it’s really fine human baby hair it would be too heavy. Baby lashes are so fine that some of my mohair I pull out after, only keeping the extra fine lashes.

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I think you could use human hair for toddler lashes if it’s fine hair. You could also use wispy applied lashes. I use them all the time.

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I have used my own hair for lashes as well as someone else’s and it was fine. I do have fine hair and I’m not sure about the other hair.

Do you purchase these wispy lashes at a drug store, or something similar?

I usually get them from Bountiful Baby.

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