Rooting hair? How long?

How long does it usually take to root a reborn’s hair? What is the maximum time anyone spends on it? Help is appreciated, thanks in advance :smile:

It varies per head.

My thickest head with long hair took about 3 weeks or rooting. But I had to wait for more hair to arrive.

My last using Jacky Kramer’s instructions from her ROSE class took a few days and is sparse and micro-rooted. Mapping the head helped. Rooting by sections seem to root faster.


Thank you :smile: I’m doing an assignment on reborn, and just need to get my facts in place :smile:

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This one took me around 40 hours…she is micro/mono rooted. Mostly 1 hair per hole.


This one I just finished took me about 2 weeks, working about 2-3 hours per day (so I’d guess about 35 hours total). This is a pretty typical amount of time for me.


Is it worth getting her DVD? I have been reborning for a few years so I know alot already.

It took me a week, working several hours every day, to root my Tibby, but she’s pretty big. A newborn usually takes me 2-3 days, preemies a little less.

I don’t have her rooting DVD so I am not sure but I did learn a lot in her class. I learned new ways to hold the hair and needle, new mapping techniques and I used to root away from me (opposite of what Jacky taught)
She is the sweetest lady, but remember she does speak German so the tutorials will have English subtitles. But I think even just watching what she does would benefit many people.


1-day for a small preemie, like Caleb

2- days for newborn size

2-3 - days for the crawlers

3 - 4 - for the toddlers

I like rooting though, I don’t mind sitting for hours while doing it, or even carrying the head around while watching a show with the family. I am doing this for several hours a day. Which is probably why it doesn’t seem to take me that long. I am talking like 8 hours of rooting per day.

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Beautiful work!