Rooting gone wild!

I just had to show ya’ll this baby! So ever see a reborn doll with lots of spiky hair and thought rooting gone wild? This baby and his mama attended the baby sprinkle yesterday at my house. His hair literally sticks up and out on end in all different directions. In the back it is like it has cow licks all in it. It is so soft to the touch. His Mom said she cannot get his hair to lay down no matter what. He is a biracial baby. Mom is Caucasian and dad is very dark skin AA. He was so stinking adorable!


He looks precious, as I’ve grown older, 78, I. now have two very big cow licks at my crown. This makes it very difficult to make the hair lay down. Also my hair has become somewhat wavy in some areas and still straight as a popsicle stick in other areas. Hopeful this little fellow will inherit his dad’ curly, or wavy hair as he ages.
Sure wish I could see his sweet face, but I do understand

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I bet he is adorable!!! Love that hair!!!

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He is absolutely precious. To me he looks more Native American or Hispanic in features. I would never have guess AA honestly. Not a bit of wave to his hair either. It is just soft, straight and spiky, lol!


I really thought she was holding a doll :joy: so cute!


He looks like a doll too! He was a sweet baby the whole time.