Rooting diagram

I have a few pictures where I tried to show the basic rooting pattern that I use. I start first by deciding where I want the the swirl to be. Everything else radiates from there following a natural pattern. I hope you can tell what I am trying to show here. Following that are a couple pictures of some of my rooting.
Feel free to save any images you find helpful.

Show us some of your rooting.

This was my Kitten

This is Kate

This is actually a double swirl.

Thank you for the post. I for one need all the help I can get when it comes to the swirl. Your rooting looks great. I will be using this pattern for sure.

Glad it will be of help. When I start actually rooting, I root along my lines and then fill in the sections. As I go, I am always aiming for the end of the swirl and I rotate the head so that I am directionally rooting.

My goodness your rooting job is absolutely fantastic. thank you for this, thank you for all your help, all the time.

Your dear friend,

May I add that a white gel pen is perfect for drawing your map on the vinyl and wipes right off when your done with a Qtip dipped in alcohol- This really helps keep you rooting in the right direction !!!
Thanks Kim !!!

I haven’t tried a white pen. I usually use my prisma pencil very lightly.

Yes I mark right on the head and map out the hair line and direction -as I said the gel pen comes off and if left on for along time just use a Qtip with rubbing alcohol on it and erase it right off -very easy !!!

thank you Kim - this is definitely another page in my workbook!

Kim, that double swirl is AMAZING!!! Both my sons and I have double swirls and it’s so neat to see the one you did. Your rooting is awesome; thanks so much for sharing these pics with us.



Thanks. It was fun to do the double swirl. Not sure I would ever do another one, though. It really wasn’t all that hard but VERY time consuming. I am proud of how it turned out.

I much prefer to use a white manicure pencil than a gel pen. The marks stay vivid for nearly the whole rooting and if necessary no big deal to just reline with the pencil. I do not the gel pen as it is expensive and if left on for awhile you do have to work hard to get it off. But the pencil will just wipe right off with a little water on a washrag.
Thanks for the pattern. And your rooting is fantastic! Whose mohair did you use?


At the time I rooted these heads I ordered off eBay from, I think, Nana. It was nice mohair but had a lot of “stuff” in it so I had some coming to do first. It was worth it to me because it is nice and half the price. My Gabriel is rooted with Slumberland , and my swap Gena was rooted with Cher’s, also very good.

My needles range anywhere from 36 to 42 depending on the mohair.