Rooting classes- dallas/ ft worth?

Even after years of rooting i am still terrible at it! I need to take a class and see it in person. or at least on a video. Is there anywhere in the Dallas/ Ft Worth aea I can learn?
Or online rooting classes I can take?
i wish the Rose show was an option, but it isnt.

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Have you tried Jackie Kramer’s rooting video? Might see if others found it useful

the one on youtube is only a minute long . does she have a website?

Maybe saving up to do a class at the Kansas show?

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Kansas Doll Show is about 6 hours north of Dallas! Lots of fun and WAY less expensive! @mcnair6 is in Weatherford and an excellent rooter! Not sure she would want to take on a student!

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Do they have classes at the Kansas show.

Yes, and events like the baby shower, etc