Rooting Caps?

Has anyone seen or tried the “rooting caps”? They are by R e a l E f f e c t s (Sandie) has them. $$ though!


The curly ones look as though you would be able to see the scalp more so than the straight ones. Quite expensive, I think.

I would like to see it on a doll, as well. Will have to ask Sandie to do that.

Looks interesting. I’d like to see it on a baby too.

Sandie is going to send me a photo tomorrow (she might even put it up on her website), so I’ll let you know.

Interesting but I wish they had a photo on a doll. I wonder if the film just isn’t noticeable after gluing or if the glue dissolves the film. As for customers appreciating it, especially at that cost, I’m not sure it will go over. Most want the head to be hand rooted even if they don’t want to pay more than $100. Which gets frustrating because by the time I buy the supplies and the clothes, I am making no profit. But at least I’m not footing the bill to learn. It just means I’d rather sell or give them to friends than sell to a stranger and lose money. Plus I don’t have the patience to relist over and over.

Sandie says the curly caps come “set” - hope you can get some idea.


As someone else already stated, it looks like the old clear cap wigs. I tried one of those several years ago, back when we all used wigs and no one had ever heard of rooting. (Yep. I’m a dinosaur ) I thought it looked GREAT then, but it was a royal pain to get it glued to the head without ruining the hair. Somehow I managed it, but for that reason alone I’d never try it again.

Somehow I think it is beyond my gluing abilities…I’d end up gluing the curlers to the head! Rooting isn’t that bad. I just hate having to stop to reheat the rice. And yes, I just funnel it straight into the head to save time!

I think i’ll stick to Rooting, it’s a much more natural look. I think buyers would appreciate that more. I, like a alot of people don’t enjoy the long time it’s takes to root, but i end up loving the end result. It might be a good idea, if it’s for a play baby or a donation baby. DEE