Rooting blond Alpaca only one her in each hole

So, I am rooting our Rosebud Fairy with blond Alpaca, and doesn’t matter how I try I am not getting just one hair, actually I am not getting even 2 or 3, but more like 6 or 7, and it is so slow and difficult to see them to pullout the extras. I think I will give up and leave it, nice and thick.
Has anybody rooted Alpaca just one hair?

Only by holding a tiny lock and pulling a few strands out further than the rest and then just grabbing a single hair each time! I figured if i couldn’t see more than one strand doing it that way, you wouldn’t see more than a strand in each hole by the time the head was finished. I root this way with any type or color hair though. It is for sure slow going and I’ve never rooted an entire head with only alpaca, ended up just rooting the finer hairline hairs with it and went back to mohair for the rest of the head. Blonde is a pain in the butt, been working on a blonde head for awhile now, about 2 months, and only just have the back finished!!

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I’ve got some alpaca hair I was planning to use on my next reborn. Is it very different from mohair? I thought it was quite similar, but now I’m not sure anymore.

Alpaca is much finer. I do not have much problem rooting blond with my lamp inside the head, and then immediately pulling out excess hair. But the fairy is so tiny I cannot put the light inside so I cannot see what I am doing. I did some other dolls with Alpaca, but either it was black so I could see it, or it was blond but I wanted it dense.

Ah, I have black hair and want it very thick. So hopefully it’ll work out fine.

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So, if you are doing a baby with thick, dense hair, it’s ok to get several hairs in the same hole?

I’d say that’s a personal choice. But several hairs per hole will make the hair look a lot more dense.


Yes, as long as it is still rooted close together, and there are no tails. In my opinion, if it looks good and natural it’s fine.

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