Rooting an already glued head

Hi all, ive not been on here for a while. I hope your all well, ive gone from making babies for friends and family to selling. Im doing really well!
I have a question. Ive rooted a head and It looked amazing, well I thought I did :grin: ive glued it in place from the inside and glued the magnet for the dummy. But now ive decided I want to add a bit more hair, can this be done? Ive a feeling the needle won’t go through the head and glue? I use a rice bag to heat the head. Will this melt the glue? Im scared to ruin the whole thing, it doesn’t look bad ad it is but i just want a bit more

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What kind of glue did you use? I use Liquitex Matte Gel and have successfully added hair for several customers after gluing the hair. A rice sock will not melt this type of glue either!!!


It’s worked for me with tacky glue, but I never heated the head.

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I used Aleene’s tacky glue

I don’t think it will be a prob. I’ve baked my glue before and put a rooting lamp in a glued head.

My question for you is this. How do you make sure you glue the new hair you are adding? What if the hair doesn’t go all the way through the glue?

That is what I’m dealing with now. I had to glue hair in to keep it from falling out and I can tell the needle isn’t going all the way through the glue. I used mod podge

I’ve rooted through Aleene’s Tacky Glue. I’ve used it for spots that won’t take hair and also to add a little more. I’ve had no problems but I don’t heat my heads.

I have rooted when already glued without a problem. But I had a disaster using a rice sock with glue already inside the head. The heat and the moisture from the rice sock made the glue sticky and it stuck to my sock and when I pulled the sock out it pulled all the hair with it. I either used Aleene’s tacky glue or Gemtac I can’t remember which, but I do know I will never make the same mistake again.