Rooting a Toddler Girl

Those of you who have made toddler girls with long hair,do you root from the bottom up or what? It seems with long hair it would be difficult to start from the top. Please share your thoughts on this.

I start with the temples. Then I go to the center back and root in circular rows. I don’t stop until I complete a row because it can be hard to get the same thickness and rooting rhythm back if you leave it for awhile (and you will need to). As I move up the head, I cover what I’ve done leaving just the roots of the previous row showing. A small t-shirt should work. It should fit fairly snugly so it doesn’t slip. Just cut off the top part at the underarms and pull it over the head from the top, hem end up. When you finish each row, pull it off over the neck and back on from the top. I do this with a piece of knee high stocking on my smaller babies. It really helps prevent tangling, matting and hair loss.


I root starting at the back till it is even with the ears, then move to the left side of the doll, around front, and start going around in circles till the swirl at the back of the head. just what works for me… and I let all the hair loose and it doesn’t tangle at all :slight_smile:

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same here :smile: