Rooted silicones?

I’m saving to buy a silicone baby and was just wondering, if I get her rooted, how easy does the hair fall out? I’m paranoid that I will spend $250 extra to have her rooted and her hair will end up falling out and it will ruin her. I’m not rough with my dolls but since I use them for my anxiety I do hold them, dress them and take them out places a fair amount. I am okay with her being bald but this artist roots so beautifully lol

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I don’t own one, but I know that with silicone you can’t secure the hair. With vinyl you’d glue it on the inside, but obviously that’s not possible with silicone. I’d personally worry about it pulling out.


It will come out eventually, faster if it’s handle often. If you dress them and hold them a lot, I would recommend to let it bald.


Thank you guys! I’m just gonna get her bald.

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I have a silicone that was bald and I rooted it myself. Obviously not perfect but I also hold her and change her and I regret rooting her. It looked good at first but when it tangles, hair comes out when brushed and even just pulling off a hat :frowning: Bald babies for the win :sweat_smile:


Yeah I would rather use hats on an already bald then end up having a balding baby lol


Some artists do paint hair on silicones too.
The older firmer silicones hold hair better than these newer softer squishy ones do. My older dragon skin baby still has a lot of hair on her head and she’s been around for years.