Rooted pre-painted pig?

I remember someone rooted one of the pre-painted pigs with some black and white mohair. I can’t seem to find the pics anymore, though. I may have a customer interested in something similar and want to show them examples. But I can only find the regular pre-painted or pigs that were made from the blank kit.

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I pumped up all the black spots on mine by painting them solid black. Then impounced with a stencil brush the white over the pink evenly all over leaving just enough pink showing to shine through mohair as skin. I painted the hooves and snout a more realistic peachy pink. Then I rooted him with black and white.


I hope that helps you.

My favorite pig kit ever. But it never fails that his pictures get shared while I’m eating bacon, or sausage or some other form of pork. He’s seriously starting to effect my love for bacon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing:

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You crack me up. My mom doesn’t seem to have given it up either even with him staring at her from her couch lol she named him Porter btw

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What kind of hair do people use? It looks like it would take forever!

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It was more fun then it looks. I didn’t do the cut end method I did the fold in half method and it’s like paint by color lol or root by color. Glueing was tricky with ears and snout. Use a more flowing glue not e6000

So is it glued or rooted?

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Rooted then glued inside same as you would a reborn. Just funny caverns yo get too. Not horrible though.

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I did this piglet from pre painted but stripped some because pre paint was messy.:footprints::baby:


Thank you, that definitely helps, he’s so cute!

Thanks, what a cutie!

She is sooo cute😍. My mom wants me to do a girl next.

What kind of hair do you use? Is it one strand per hole? They are sooo cute.

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I used this hair and there will be 1 strand bent in half per hole it is a faster way to root the barb catches the loop and pulls the strand in, giving you then 2 hairs coming out of each hole ( really same strand just bent in half) hope that makes sense

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I love it!!! Makes me want a pig.

Sorry forgot the pic lol

pic would not upload properly. Was yearling

Okay!! LOL, I was confused!!! hahahaha

Cutest pig I’ve ever seen!!