Romie Strydom's Juliette Full Silicone Baby Girl

I’m sorry, this is just breathtaking. How??? how>!!! unbelievable. would love to see this doll in real life. what talent. amazing!


Oooohhh, I want one!!!

This one is awesome. They are really expensive.

Has anyone looked at Claire Taylor’s solid silicone video. That is awesome. She moves the baby around. You would swear it’s real. I’ll look for the link.

Here’s the link to her baby’s page. Scroll down and there is a youtube video that is very well worth viewing.

I so love the silicone babies !
I really want to have one ,but not happening right now!

wow look at the mouth are you kidding?? how does this process work i wonder?

I found the pic i posted on my facebook— i have romie friended (or her page liked, cant remember)

but these are breathtaking!