Rings for a cititoy baby doll?

Hi there everyone! I purchased a 23 inch cititoy baby doll in kit form on eBay. Has anyone reborned a Cititoy doll before? The listing said the doll would need rings to go on a cloth body. What size rings would need? I would measure to find out? Here’s a picture of the limbs:



I don’t know about rings. There’s no groove to put them around. You’ll need a 7/8 leg cap because she has no thighs. 3/4 arm cap should be fine.

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What’s a 7/8 limb cap?

They’re longer than 3/4 but they’re hard to find especially with 3/4 arms. You might have to alter a cuddle body to make it fit right.

are 7/8 similar to full limbs?

7/8 are different. Full limb bodies usually work for full limbs. They won’t work for this doll. This type of doll is usually stitched into the body. I can see holes on this one where the limbs were sewed on.

oh ok, thanks!