Do you allow returns or refunds for your babies? I am just wondering if it sells better if this is allowed?

I only do if there’s something wrong when it first arrives or any mistakes come up due to a mistake I made.
But I generally also allow people to pick up the doll, so if they’re wary they can come see it for themselves.

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What about on ebay? Would you list returns are allowed?

I’ve never used ebay, but I’d be very clear about what kind of returns you allow. I’m guessing you don’t want someone to return a reborn after they’ve let their toddler trash it for a year.
So figure out what you want. Perhaps something like, they can return it if they contact you within a week of arrival and send the doll back in the same state, in the same box, with all accessories included.

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I take lots of pictures, including pictures of nakie baby from different angles. People can take their time, browse photos, zoom in, enlarge… whatever they need to do before deciding to buy. I encourage questions because I really do want people to be happy with their purchase. If they need to see a body part more closely, I will snap more photos.

After all this, I am not accepting returns. My ads all say clearly no returns. I can not sell a used doll as new… But if something came up like damage in the mail, that would be worked out and insurance claimed. So far, so good even with that though. I pack them so carefully that even when the boxes arrive totally battered, the baby has been fine.