Resolutions for the new year

Friends, I have to share that I was just on another forum and found things a bit discouraging. I am hoping that in this new year we can strive to put our differences aside and really learn from and support one another. I think we have a really good friendship going here and want to see it continue. I think people are always looking for ways to help others rather than spending money on expensive “classes” or books or whatever may be taking our money for something that is right here before us. I was disheartened to read on that forum that there is no “sisterhood on BB.” I hope that you feel differently than what is being projected by some. Most of what I was reading was basically bashing BB. I think it’s time we stand together and stand strong for a company that is a true grassroots company that is trying to provide the best quality at the lowest prices. Yes, there are times when things are not quite working out, but I believe BB works quickly to correct the situation and really listen to our concerns. What other company out there started with one woman creating a sculpt? BB has offered so many new sculpts and continues to do so.

Let’s make it our resolution to uphold each other with highest dignity as we strive to help each other become better reborn artists. We have some very talented, self-taught artists here that have a wealth of knowledge to share. Let’s try to come up with some fun things to do, too. Let’s be creative, ladies.

I’m happy to be part of BB and this forum where the real people are helping each other.

The economy is lousy, and many of us struggle but find an outlet by making beautiful work os art. And, while it is true that many here are artists, I consider myself only an artist in the making, but a true hobbyist for now!

No one can make you feel bad but yourself – as Dr. Phil has said “…don’t let them rent space in your head…”

I agree, Marlen. Maybe those people who are really good at certain aspects will consider creating a tutorial to share. Calling all reborners----anyone willing to share how they reborn are highly encouraged and wanted to share a tutorial. Here are just some ideas: fingernails and toenails, painted hair, rooted hair, caucasian skintones, AA skintones, Native American tones, Eastern tones, Asian tones, mottling, olive skintones, peachy tones, eyes and capillaries, veins, birthmarks or blemishes. Any more? We could move them over to the tutorial section. I know there are some there that people have done. Perhaps you would be willing to seek it out and bump it up or maybe there was something in the tutorials that you learned from a while back and would be good for others to review again. Photos are always a help with the tutorial if at all possible.

Anyone have any ideas for any type of “contests”?

Oh, ginny, you are so right. I have to laugh with that one because it’s so true. I’ll have to let them know that their lease is up!! Do you, by chance, have bigger pictures of your Libby? She’s cute. I think you might underestimate your abilities.

Thanks Tonya! You’re so sweet. If you click on the thumbnails they will take you right into photobucket and I have pictures there of Libby. I so enjoyed doing her – she is large (3 months) and I just have so much fun taking her out when we have company!

It really saddens me that someone was here for a time and decided we didn’t have a ‘sisterhood’. I think if someone were to read the ‘introduction’ thread that we keep rotating that would be in dispute. There have been a few recent issues. Last time I checked we were human…things happen. But we also moved passed that and the truth really is the issue came about because of our care and concern for someone in our group and the story was not completely known and understood.

This forum has had it’s ups and downs over the past few years but when I came back I found a really warm, welcoming and very helpful group of women, most who are of the same mind and some the same faith as me…and I love it here. We do try to help each other, especially if help is requested.

I think we all have something to teach the rest. We all need to support one another. We all need to be striving for perfection…quality not quantity!
This year can be our best…

I was rather uneasy at first but I always reminded myself that it can always be stripped. I would suggest picking a method you feel comfortable with and giving it a try. It can always be changed and if you get to a step and aren’t sure, post and we can help you.