It bothers me when I spend a lot of time on communication, developing a friendship with someone, they sweet talk me saying how amazing my babies are, I give them a good deal and then…they purchase my babies just to place it up for resale right away at a higher price, even using my pictures! They keep the box opening gifts for themselves, putting the baby in a cheap outfit and claiming the artist is unknown.
I know its my own fault. But its hard!!
I totally understand not bonding with a baby, but I cant help feeling taken advantage of.
I know, I know its my own fault

Artists have feelings too

or they alter a baby horribly and still list me as the artist


If they’re selling at higher prices, you need to raise yours.


If it has happened more than 1-2 times, it’s time to raise your prices. It means that your work is worth more.


I know of at least three “highest level of shortest ownership” collectors. A few years ago I decided to block her on ebay after she did a song and dance routine just like you experienced. Two others I have decided not to block and let them pursue their hobby, of obviously buying and selling. But I fully agree, you need to price your work higher and when they use your pictures contact them and inform them to use their own (and hope they won’t display your work with Bride of Frankenstein hair, etc.) Rethink if you think a box opening that includes gifts is worth the cost to you; it cuts into your profit.