Requedt payment on paypal

I noticed i requested a last payment for a doll on paypal.
I see where she paid it same date BUT her payment listed BEFORE my request. thing is my request says -125.
Question is … my request looks like a negative to m y account?..I have sent only 2 payment request that i remember does it come up like this always ? a minus on what im asking for
seems odd Anyone know?

can you screen shoot it and post a photo? I am not sure what you mean. If you send money to someone or pay for a kit it will say on the right side money sent (to so in so) -125 or whatever the payment amount is. If you make a sell and someone sends you money it will show a + 125 or whatever the amount is for. If you transfer to your bank it will also show a - how much ever you transfer.

i just canceled it
Yes i have done paypal a long time just havent requested money.Just wondered why they put it with a minus …but i guess because it is asking for minus from Her account.?

Just wonder if when you all request money is it written the same.On mine additions to my account are green negatives are grey .this was grey why it was confusing .

Sounds strange to me. Are you certain the money went into your account and not out of it to her?

I agree with @2layz make sure it did not come out of your account to her. Mine is green with a + sign if I am paid and if I pay someone it is grey with a - sign. When I send a request for money it will say at the top pending request for $$$ what ever amount I request and when it is paid it shows + paid in whatever the amount I requested was.

Yes it the grey - sign and her name but bottom said request paynent… from her name. confused me the grey and minus sign .I dont see money missing