Replacing body and limbs on AD doll

Hi everyone! I got two Ashton Drake dolls a few weeks ago ($20 each woo!) but they have TERRIBLE limbs and bodies. I want to fix them but I am not super knowledgeable when it comes to doll parts. They are 20-inch dolls. I would like the nicer styles bodies with the gathered bums, and I would prefer full limbs, but I am okay if the arms are 3/4. One of my biggest gripes with the current body is that it is not at all pose-able. The arms are sewn straight to the body and the weight of them pulls them towards the back, twisting the fabric at the neck. I think that jointed arms are a solution to this? Here is a picture:

So if I find some full limbs (and suggestions would be wonderful!) I think that this is the body I need?

However, if I do full legs and 3/4 arms, is this the proper body or do y’all have better recommendations?

And of course I am looking for limb recommendations from any company!

Have another pic of my girl in a new dress I am making for her!


You definitely got a bargain. Emily is a $150 doll. She was reborn ALOT in the early days of reborning, before there were kits. I would check Bb’s parts. I would look for 19-20" limbs. I think the listing states what size doll they will work with. I would go with limbs that have a little chubbiness to them.

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Thanks Kimo! I couldn’t believe it when I saw them at the thrift store; my bf was like ‘you only need one’ and I just grabbed both boxes and walked to the register LOL! I currently have the Honey/Sugar arms and legs in my cart along with body #416. Do you think those will work?

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I know lots of other people are liking the 1/4 limbs, but I would have all my dolls be full vinyl if I could! :stuck_out_tongue: I may still end up adding torsos to these dolls. They’re not for cuddling, they are for modeling all the baby clothing I sew. The less visible fabric the better!

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The arms are not full, though. You would still have cloth on the upper arms.

I think that body will work if you go with those limbs. You might consider just buying a kit that is on sale and use the limbs. Gracie is on sale for around $20. You probably will pay that much for the limbs. You can always sell or trade the head. I would look through the sales. They only last today.