Removing mo hair?

Can someone either link me to or try to explain how to safely remove mohair from a doll? The one I have has these massive plugs worth of hair and I’m not happy but the last doll I removed hair from has holes in the head where I removed it and it ruined my doll. I’ll put a few photos so you can see what I mean with her hair. I checked the posts and can’t find one that’s still active about how to safely Doo this and shows results. I even cut her hair shorter but I really wanted a bald baby.

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She does have a lot of plugs. You can pull the hairs out. If you take her head off, empty it, and pour boiling water inside it will soften the glue. Sometimes, if you can grab hold of a big enough piece with some forceps, you can pull out big chunks of hair from the inside. If you pull them out from the outside you can remove any stubble with Nair hair remover then wash it really well. If you have your heart set on a bald baby, heating the head may close the holes enough so they’re not so visible.


Thank you never thought about hot water the last doll I used goop off in the head then yanked hair out from the outside and it was just a massive pain and a mess. Maybe with hot enough water after I pull the hair she night look better… If not is there a way to just make it look like hair is growing in? I only have water color acrylic and guach avalible for paints.

If you dont want to take it completely out, you can try pulling a few hairs out of the plugs so they won’t look pluggy. Looks like not too many are visable. Save the hair you pull out and add it back in around the pluggy places. Just thinking. :slight_smile:

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I’m super happy with the results! Thank you Debbie for your recomendation of leaving some hair she is beautiful now!

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