Removing hair customer issues

So I used Nair after looking for tips on here and now I noticed that there’s little black stubbles all over the head…I used mod podge to glue in the hair… And now I’m afraid there’s nothing I will be able to do…his mom insisted I root him with very curly hair and yet wanted a straight style. So I did as she asked even though i told her it wouldn’t look the same because its curly she said to go ahead and do it with that hair…I then rooted the baby (my first time rooting a full head) and sent her photos and she said it looked good. When she got him she then said she HATED his hair and that “SHE KNEW FROM THE PHOTOS SHE WASNT GOING TO LIKE IT”…I told her I would take him back and strip and redo him for her for free…and she said she wanted to cancel all of her customs with me. The next day she said that she realized she chose the wrong hair for the style and that she sent him back (I paid shipping) and he came in the box with no protection and only his blanket around him. And his bellyplate laying in the box…I don’t know what or if I can fix this head. I can’t refund her because she paid for the kits already and they are with me and she says she doesn’t want them blank… What should I do?


With the hair, you could try packing tape. As far as I’ve tried, it doesn’t remove paint.

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I will try but I’m not sure if it will work. It looks like its embedded in the head

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Is that one of the Twins?
Also I would think if you can root thick hair over that then you can cover it. Maybe if you use ruby red mohair to make it super thick?
She’s sound awful to deal with. Sorry


If you peel/scape off the glue inside the head, it should take care of most of the stubble. Packing tape should remove any little pieces that don’t come out with the glue.

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Is it possible to pick out what you can then pencil and seal the head and re-root with a dark hair?

I would pack those kits up and send them right back to her; she can find someone else to reborn them. She’s put you through the ringer already with this one. :imp:

As far as repairing this one, you’ve already gotten great advice here. Let us know how it goes!

So sorry you are dealing with this person.


Pour hot water inside and see if the glue comes off. i personally do not like the Nair method, it will dissolve the hair sticking out and now you have nothing to grab the individual hair to pull it out. If you used E6000 it would be easy, it just peels of. Not sure if Modpodge will just soften or if can also be peeled off the vinyl. If it does peel, it will pull most of the hair out.


I once heated the head and the glue peeled right off.


I purchased the sculpts since they are customs. She’s currently on a payment plan with me for them and on a saskia has only paid the kit cost so far.

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I don’t know what kind of curly hair that is but I want some. It’s exactly the soft curls I’ve been looking for.

Both of those sell mohair.As far as I know they don’t offer rooting services.

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I used an epilady that pulls hair out of your legs to pull hair out of the head of the doll. It worked pretty well

Does Angela Sprott have an Etsy store name?

LOL! i remember that tragic thing. lord have mercy i tried on my legs. it did what it claimed but man the PAIN!!

Maybe this one?

I think this is her profile here… Profile - angelas817 - Bountiful Baby Customer Forum