Reminder to watch bones

Bones is on in 3 minutes if you want to sneak a peek at baby bones!

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Dang it!! I hope they play it again tonight. Have you seem the baby yet??

No!!! Nothing yet, just bones. From a body. Lollo

I missed it! Did you see Baby Bones, Nikki?

I didn’t see the baby . did I just miss it some how

I didn’t see the baby either!

Their was a real baby in the first 2 minutes, nothing at all after that.

Well I didn’t see him either. I’m soooo disappointed and I watched the whole thing . Saw 2 min. of the real boy unless we missed something I didn’t see him,maybe he is in the continued to next week or he was there at a distance and we didn’t spot him? I really didn’t care for the show that much either, never watched it before. But I was so looking forward to seeing him for so long and then the let down. Oh well maybe I’ll try watching it again but I won’t get excited ahead of time again. Sorry everyone for wasting your time. Hugs to all for your support.

I can imagine you were disappointed!!! I wAtched like a hawk, I don’t think I missed anything. I bet he will be in furture episodes❤️

I didn’t see the show but you didn’t waste anyone’s time. Please don’t feel that way…We are all excited for you and I am sure that if anyone was disappointed it would have been more for you than in not seeing the little fella cause you worked so hard and were so excited about it…( SO are we…) I wouldn’t get upset yet though cause they may use him on and off through out the whole series…Many times they use them in situations where they can’t use a real child…I had a doll bought by Dockland Studios here in Oz and it was used in the movie Predestination with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook…I never saw the movie but I assumed that she was used in scenes where it may have been too dangerous to use a real child as the movie is supposed to be an action science fiction thriller about a time traveller…lol I also have a friend who had one that was used several times in a television series though so yours may be a stand in for when they need him and may show up more than once… :smile:


Thanks I did post an email with the studios explanation from this morning and I thank you, I really was so excited.

I seen him when they showed just a glimpse of the back of his head. Only happened twice. I only caught it because he was reclined on her arm but the real baby was upright.

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I missed the show but watched some of it on demand later did not see the doll. Assume as others will be used at times when don’t want to use a real baby. Unless watch the show all the time may never catch it. It is one that I have never watched before.

I agree! :slight_smile:

No ,actually they custom ordered him and sent me a photo of the real baby he looked like Ruberts Kitten feature wise. I had started rooting the sculpt with red hair and brown eyes and the real baby was a blonde blue eye. They ordered him on Friday and wanted him ready and there for filming by Tues. or Wed.I did some skin changes after taking all the hair out and his eyes.I finished rooting him Sun .evening and packed and ready to go on Monday Express Priority.


Wow, that’s a fast turn-around!

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No problem MichelleP20. We may never see him because I don’t care for the show and had never heard of it before their purchase.Amy I’m not that fast,I spent my entire week end including ripping out hair on Friday night then rooting till my eyes crossed and my fingers were aching. I truly thought I wouldn’t finish, luckily this little boy had a very sparse head of blonde hair . My husband disappeared and left me alone except for an occassional How are you doing, think you’ll finish in time. The arms and legs were done and the head except for a little color added to the cheeks, that left me just the hair and eyes. I am not very fast but I knew I had this toddler mostly finished with a few changes it was what they were looking for, as far as size and features. Actually they wanted to buy a finished Rowan I had but the features were wrong and they were looking for a 26" baby and Rowan was way too thin and to short. Whoops I’m going on and on, sorry got carried away.


Wow! You should work in the industry! Love you super sleuth!


That is super Michelle…Like Nikki said …you should do the screen edits for them…That is great!!! Thanks for doing this… :smile:


Whatever… STILL AMAZING! :wink::wink::wink::wink::kiss::kiss::kiss:

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