Reminder that on March 11th - 15th all BB's vinyl kits will be 25% off

Reminder that on March 11th - 15th all BB’s vinyl kits will be 25% off.
Coupon code: TEAPARTY
One-time use only!

Happy shopping and reborning!


Ooh thanks!! “ as if I need to buy” :grin:


Does that just include the few that are all vinyl?

Been saving for this! Had a ball last year lol

Should be all the kits :). Last yr it was seconds also.

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Great! It kind of threw me because they are all vinyl. But a few are full vinyl. Just wanted to be sure. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Well it says all so I’m counting on that lol. Oh and go through the gallery and make a list so you can be fast. They will have sell outs. Make a list check it twice :grinning:


That is a great idea!

Yes, ALL vinyl kits will be 25% off next week.

BUT, the current sale prices on our “DEEP DISCOUNT KIT DEALS” on our home page are an even BETTER value. And those items will be taken off sale when we do the site wide 25% off sale.

So, if there is a kit on our home page that you want, right now is the time to buy.

BUT, if it is a different kit, the price will be better next week.

Have a great week, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


What time do the sale prices go into effect?