Remind me to not take them out together

This is my Oscar (Jack, and first baby I painted, can’t you tell??) and my Caroline (realborn Jade, and first reborn I ever bought).

I changed them into sleep clothes today and laid them on the couch next to each other and wow the stark difference in tone. Remind me never to take them out together because people might think something is seriously wrong with Caroline. :joy:


I think he looks awesome for a first baby. All people have different skin tones, nothing wrong with that, you did a great job!


Ohhhh @RebornsbyZebra if you saw the details… he looks great from a distance. :joy: I don’t mind though there’s a reason he’s staying with me and it’s so I can hopefully see how far I come eventually. I absolutely love how he’s weighted and he’s the realest feeling baby I’ve done (I’ve completed two babies myself and then re stuffed and weighted two others) so tacitly he is very pleasing to me. Even if he is a bit of a mess.


Thats normal…you should see my first baby eeek! I know I have a picture but I cant find it at the moment. He lives in my daughters room and his name is Hayden :wink:


I think he is awesome. At least he has color lol. My first doll literally looked like a blank kit with super dark veins. But my niece loves him.


they have different skin tones but are equally lovely.

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Thanks guys! I just thought it was funny how she looks next to him. Under fluorescents she’s pretty grey looking and I knew that… then I put my rosie pink fella next to her and had to laugh.