RELISTED poor little Liam -please watch -NO SALE --- WAAAA!

Okay, I can’t stand Etsy…NO ONE looks at my babies there. My hat is off to anyone who has the patience for it, but that’s not me. I need more than 2 days, 2 views.

Please watch my little guy and cheer him on AGAIN…sheesh…these poor babies, right?

Thank you! … 1324579529
Poor little chucker didn’t sell AGAIN…gee…

Looks like I’ll be making him a GIRL now; maybe someone will love him better that way.

Thank you, Kathy ~ what a nice thing to say!

I’m watching, so sorry your going through this.DEE

Karen, I’m watching! He’s so sweet, I just know the right person will come along! Just stick to your guns and don’t give up.

Thanks, Dee & Pokes…we’ll see what happens this time around

I really can’t believe he hasn’t sold yet he is a beautiful sleeping angel. I bet his Mom comes along this time.

It has been very slow, but looks as things are picking up; I sold 3 dolls in the past couple of weeks! now i better stop rooting my poor keepers, and get some dolls finished to list.

Yes, for all the little hiccups and crazies, ebay does get the most traffic. I would have never heard of etsy if it weren’t for here. As for Liam, he is adorable and hopefully he will find a mommy soon. A good one that won’t change her mind! Hang in there, I know how much you hate listing on ebay!

I love this sculpt, and someone else will, too. He’s a little sweetheart, and he’ll go. Just wait a while, his time is coming!

Thanks, everyone ~ I love this place; it’s like getting a big hug

He is so stinkin’ cute! Hope he gets to go home to a mama who has tons of love!

Thank you ~ I hope so, too!