Refurbished Reborn

I got this girl from an Ebay seller who had her for years. Seller was downsizing and had her for a good price. In talking to seller, they said the back of the doll’s head was basically bald from sitting with her head against a pillow; the hair got dry and broke off. There were also places in other parts of her head where the original hair had broken off. She also had glued eyelashes, one of which was coming off the eyelid. I still bought the baby, whim I named Darla Suzanne. When I got her home, I really fell in love with her sweet face! She’s a Jade mold by Rommi Strydom. I had Darla for about a week, in which i got the courage to try and reroot the head and eyes. I didn’t remove the hair from the head, instead decided to use a color that is close to original. Along the way, I learned SO much about Mohair, rooting needles, patience, LOL! I now feel like Darla is done, even though it looks like she has some bald spots, still. The mohair I used had different shades, one of which is a warm blonde. It’s also good stuff, not something cheap. I leave Darla’s hair pretty much to itself, letting the curls show and the straighter hair can join in, when fluffed. Here are some after pictures. Darla’s hair isn’t perfect, but I’m rather proud of myself, since this is my very first reroot and I just started collecting Reborns last November. I now have kits and air dry paint and supplies to start on my next baby. :slight_smile:backfin



She’s really cute, and good job on the rooting, can’t wait to see your first painted reborn!

Thank you!!

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This is how I started too, restoring babies! She is super cute. :purple_heart:

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Cool that you started, this way!! I think it’s so fun to restore babies and I have another one who needs love and attention.