Redoing my daughters reborn Molly

My daughter bought this reborn a few years ago (before I had the courage to paint), it was never great, so we decided to give her a spruce up. Her hair has always been very sparse, extremely coarse human hair, and she was a very “dead grey” colour.

She looks alive now!!
I’ll update when she all done




Very well done! Her legs look long enough to be on a full leg body!

that’s a good point! I might switch it out to one. her head is quite small, so she will make a good shorter baby

:scream: UGH!!! That is grey dead looking but you are making her just Beautiful!! I don’t feel too badly about my rooting right now. I agree with Anne that body doesn’t fit her length and limbs

She was definitely in need of help. Glad you are fixing her up.

Wow, she’s looking so much better!

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