Red Or Brown?

I ordered this hair a few months ago and never opened it up until today. It was advertised as light ash brown, but it looks reddish to me. Is it just me, or does it actually look red? I can’t tell.


Ash brown would have no red. This is absolutely red.



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I thought so, but didn’t know if I was seeing things weirdly. Good thing it’s not a custom doll!

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Looks red to me.

It is red, but it’s pretty.

Looks quite red to me.

Beautiful red!

I don’t get the joke

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It’s definitely red. But it’s a very pretty red. :heart_eyes:

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The deleted comment that was flagged…

That makes two of us and I don’t understand why it was flagged, either.

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Things can be flagged for being irrelevant or unnecessary for the discussion, so maybe that? I didn’t do it or see it til after it was flagged either but that’s what I would guess.
Oh and the hair is definitely red!

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