Recommendations Needed ..... Tiny Twins

Can anyone recommend a preemie twin set (16-18"), preferably both open eyed. An open and closed eye set might be ok too if I really like the sculpts (No Poppy & Buttercup please). I found 2 Stephanie Sullivan sculpts that I love their expressions, but they’re teenie little ones at 14" so I decided to look a deeper first. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


I’ve always loved Mavie and Julie by Evelina Wosnjuk. They would fit the size you are looking for but one has eyes open the other closed.

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I have seen twins of Kadence & Kaelin (16 inch), Sugar & Honey (but they’re 20 inch), Blinkin’ & Nod (16.5 inch, full vinyl bodies) All on Bountiful Baby.
I have also noticed some people pairing other kits as twins as well… Good luck.

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I was just looking at those 2 earlier on Etsy, they are really cute. I’ll definitely keep those 2 in mind. Thank you

Sugar and Honey are two of my favorites, I’ve been wanting to get them, but haven’t yet. I found Katherine and Kirsten Sullivan and love their little expression, but not sure how their tiny little parts will hold up to modifications (or rather if I’d even be able to pull of such tiny modifications).

What about Sam an Sera…20 inch …?? Both are sleeping and very sweet…!

Bonnie Browns twins A & B are super cute and 17 inches (both sleeping)


How about Corbin and Camdin by Donna Lee, one open one closed?

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Lane and Leah (bountiful baby - 19 inches, both asleep)

Liam and Lainey (bountiful baby - 18 inches, one awake, one asleep) they have the same limbs

Gabriel and Gena (Bountiful baby - 20 inches, one awake, one asleep)

Avery and Aubrey (Bountiful baby - 20 inches, one awake, one asleep)

Ariel and Finley (Sheila Micheals - 20 inches, open eyes)

Also I think the realborns asleep and awake would work well for twins.

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Leah and Lane are both on sale right now on Bountiful Baby… but they are both asleep and a little bigger than you wanted… 19 inches.

Marita at winterswhimsies has a couple of 16-19" open eyed babies. Are you looking for identical twins or fraternal twins?