Recognize this kit?

Pretty sure this kit is a knockoff but a knockoff of who? My friend want to find the original and order it.

Not sure about the head but the limbs look very similar to scarlett by Cindy Musgrove.

Looks like a Gudrun Legler kit.

Or maybe Erin by Adrie Stoete. The eyebrows and lips are the same

I think you’re right! Thanks

Erin’s lips are more open

Reminds me of tanya… LE Gudrun Legler

But she has a fist. Lol

Browsing today and came across this kit on aliexpress. Can’t believe all the newer knockoff’s that are surfacing. However, I can"t identify or find the finished kit.

Not all the China kits are copies. Some are just kits made in China.

True, that’s the Only pic of the finished kit I could find that’s in question.